Be Continuous
Automate the Risk out of your Open Source

The most complete open source management and policy engine for enterprise security and compliance.

Security Management

Secure your open source code with accurate vulnerability detection and automatic remediation.

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License Compliance

Audit-Grade Compliance for 3rd Party Software Licenses on Autopilot

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Comprehensive and Accurate Risk Visibility

Only FOSSA delivers complete dependency scanning, curated databases, and granular policies for truly noise-free compliance and vulnerability assessments.

Policy Management and Collaboration

FOSSA's automated and flexible policy engine ensures security and legal teams can share insights and address issues at any scale right in their existing workflows.

Drive Engineering Velocity and Innovation

Closed-loop communication and remediation guidance help development stay continuous, improve engineering efficiency, and drive innovation.

Use Cases

Designed for Developers

Natively integrate into any development environment.

Download `fossa-cli` and run a scan
curl -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache'
fossa-cli/master/ | bash
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Trusted by Enterprises

More than 16,000 of the world's most important software teams rely on FOSSA to manage their open source.

“With legacy solutions, every scan spit out so many results it was impossible to review, understand what was relevant, and take action. FOSSA provides the exact information I need to address any issues quickly and easily.”

Patrick Lonergan IP Counsel

“Compliance tools are only effective if your team uses them. Continuous  integration, delivery, and compliance are required for any product to provide value. With FOSSA, Verizon deploys software at scale with confidence.”

Gil Yehuda Sr. Director of Open Source

FOSSA is SOC 2 compliant