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Safety and Security for Automotive Systems

Open source software (OSS) has become an integral part of development in the automotive industry. OSS helps fuel innovations in areas like AI, autonomous driving, and connected cars, which are driving growth and profitability.

Of course, for all of its benefits, open source also comes with some measure of risk. Without the proper processes and tools in place, automotive organizations may struggle to fulfill license compliance requirements and mitigate security vulnerabilities.

FOSSA for a secure and trusted automotive ecosystem

License Compliance

With automotives getting more electronic by the day, software and open source has become an important part of their supply chain.
With hundreds of different licenses, ranging from permissive to strong copyleft — and multiple layers of dependencies — compliance should be a priority to avoid legal risk, including the possibility of being forced to release their entire source code, and significant financial and reputational damage.

Software Bill of Materials

The technological advancements in the auto industry — coupled with high quality standards in the industry — has brought into focus the importance of getting into the software supply chain like software bill of materials (SBOM) which enable auto organizations to track and address security vulnerabilities and potential open source license compliance violations.

Vulnerability Detection & Management

With the number of open source vulnerabilities continuing to rise year over year it becomes very important for automotive organizations to have real-time, accurate visibility into OSS vulnerabilities, as well as the infrastructure to support rapid remediation.

Code Quality

One of the primary benefits of using open source software is that it enables organizations to leverage powerful new technologies. Leveraging well-maintained packages — and making sure to use the newest versions of those libraries — ensures automotive organizations can stay on the cutting-edge of innovation.

FOSSA, a modern, devops-friendly open source management platform enables the following:

Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection

Security teams benefit from a continuously updated vulnerability database that fuels real-time alerts across all projects.

Intelligent Issue Resolution

Automotive organizations get actionable guidance to resolve compliance issues and remediate vulnerabilities.


Developers get compliance violation alerts in real time via Slack, Jira, or email, and can make any code changes directly in their preferred environments.

Improved Code Quality

Identify and replace outdated components and reduce technical debt with FOSSA’s Quality Feature.

Broad Ecosystem Support

Identify and resolve security and compliance risk across a wide range of languages, including C,C++, monorepos, RPM, Debian, Jars, and more.

Strong Access Control

Follow principles of least privilege with customizable roles and permissions.

Fast Time to Market

FOSSA integrates with commonly used build systems (e.g., Travis, Jenkins, CircleCI) and repositories (e.g., GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub), enabling automotive development organizations to shift left and accelerate the SDLC.

Automated Reporting

Compile software Bills of Materials and stay audit-ready with real-time, standardized reporting at scale across a variety of development environments.

AOSP notice files

Automated workflow to generate a "full" version of the AOSP NOTICE file and provide a workflow to inspect, approve and (if necessarily) manually override our generated NOTICE file.
“It would take approximately two to three weeks of dedicated engineering time by a single release engineer to go through license compliance. With FOSSA, our license compliance review took five to ten minutes.”

Eric Griswold, Principal Release Engineer

"Integrating FOSSA within the build process for Verizon mobile apps not only ensures apps are compliant with open source licenses but also generates automated credit reports that we include in each app."

Gil Yehuda, Sr. Director of Open Source

“FOSSA told me exactly when there was an issue, what the issue was, and then I could work with the engineers on next steps. It enabled us to deploy software at scale. We could keep doing what we were doing and feel that we were in compliance with all of our open-source obligations.”

Patrick Lonergan, Former Associate General Counsel

"The whole process for identifying and documenting open source licenses, and then providing them to customers, was awful for everyone involved. And, at Applause, it was a major challenge to continuously keep the information up to date and accurate."

Rob Mason, SVP of Engineering

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