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10x the Impact of your Open Source

Our mission is to make open source ubiquitous, risk-free, and exponentially more valuable.


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Transforming the Software Development Lifecycle: From Marathon to Sprint

Today, 90% of any piece of software is from open source, creating countless dependencies and enormous risk to manage. At enterprise scale, risk quickly becomes intolerable, and maintenance is impossible without reliable automation.

As the only developer-native open source management platform, FOSSA has the broadest license inventory and vulnerabilities database available. Full integration with your existing CI/CD pipeline provides more complete, continuous visibility and actionable insight much earlier in the SDLC. For the first time, teams can collaboratively shift left and audit, analyze, control, and remediate OSS issues right in their existing workflows.

FOSSA was founded to provide the most relevant and real-time end-to-end governance for all third-party code. We cut our teeth on npm. Launched our careers on Linux. Are seasoned in C and C++. Developed one of the most popular dependency analysis CLIs on GitHub. We ♡ open source.

Company Milestones

  • Secured Series B from Bain, Costanoa, Canvas
  • Launched Security Management
  • Introduced C and C++ Support
  • Surpassed 80 Enterprise Customers
  • Expanded to EMEA with London Team
  • Passed 1 Million fossa-cli Downloads
  • Introduced FOSSA Partner Program
  • Secured Series A from Bain, Costanoa, Norwest
  • Passed 500k fossa-cli Downloads
  • Included in CNBC’s Upstart 100
  • Integrated with CircleCI CI/CD Pipelines
  • Introduced Support for Haskell, Rust, Clojure
  • Partnered with CNFC, TODOgroup
  • Launched FOSSA, Inc.
  • Expanded World’s Largest OSS License Database
  • Partnered with JS Foundation, Linux Foundation
  • Expanded On-Prem Support
  • Secured Seed Round from Marc Benioff, Steve Chen
  • Partnered with npm

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