When I first installed VSCode in 2015, it was like witnessing magic.  It was so well-built, every detail seemed to telegraph the amount of thought put behind the nooks and crannies of the developer experience.

That kind of craftsmanship is exactly why I'm so excited to welcome Dawn Labs to our team.  These days, there are plenty of great products out there in consumer-grade mobile and web products, but it's so rare to see the same standard of user experience applied towards developer-facing tools.

At FOSSA, an intuition for developer-focused products is a critical part of not only our differentiation, but also our mission.  When we first came across Dawn Labs, it was apparent that they had internalized what made developer tools great. Through their work launching Carbon, which has reached over 21,000 stars on GitHub, and work with clients like ZEIT, we felt their DNA would fit perfectly with our team.

To no surprise, our partnership has been a slam-dunk.  We've been working with the Dawn Labs team for a while now.  Over the first few months of our engagement, we've had the opportunity to collaborate closely and prototype an entirely new workflow for the main FOSSA product.  As part of our team, they will be championing key efforts like instituting a formal design system, rethinking major areas of the product and growing the team.

Beyond this, we're excited to support Dawn's work now more closely than ever from within the FOSSA family.  Carbon and many other projects will still remain a part of the open source community, with a stronger future than ever before.  To learn more about the roadmap for Dawn's existing projects, check out Dawn's post.

Welcome Brian and Jake to the FOSSA team.  I can't wait to build things together.

Dawn Labs acquired by FOSSA