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Secure Your Products From Repo to Release

Stop vulnerabilities, automate compliance, and mitigate third-party risk in your applications

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Simplify Product Security
and Compliance

Prioritize Real Vulnerabilities

Focus on the open source vulnerabilities that are reachable and actively used in your applications.

Automate SBOM Compliance

Ensure compliance with software bill of materials (SBOM) regulations. Distribute and monitor application-level SBOMs that meet NTIA and FDA standards.

Reduce Legal Risk

Simplify open source license compliance with a complete inventory of license obligations, customizable policies, and audit-grade reporting.

Coverage For Your Entire Development Lifecycle

FOSSA supports a wide range of languages and tools and fully integrates with your CI/CD pipeline.


Solve Your Toughest Challenges

Zero-Day Response

Find zero-day vulnerabilities in minutes, not weeks.

Search across all your packages

Quickly identify which applications are vulnerable

Fix the vulnerability with smart remediation guidance

“It’s really easy for our security team to use FOSSA to search for a specific CVE or package and get a very quick answer.”

Valentina Ditoiu

Senior Security Program Manager, UiPath

FDA / FedRAMP Compliance

Easily meet SBOM regulatory compliance for your products.

Create application-level SBOMs that meet NTIA, FDA, FedRAMP, and other standards

Enable visibility into third-party risk from upstream software suppliers

Easily host and distribute SBOMs with VEX statements and justifications

“It was easy to integrate FOSSA into our CI pipeline to generate SBOMs. Whenever a release happens, we generate the SBOM, which means every product has an attached SBOM.”

Girish Shivanna

Principal Security Engineer, F5

Developer Adoption

Many security and compliance programs struggle with low developer adoption, causing rollouts to drag on for months.

FOSSA’s developer-centric approach makes it easy to roll out to thousands of developers across hundreds of projects.

“It’s critical to find a solution that is not only friendly to lawyers or engineering leadership but has great experience for day-to-day developers. FOSSA gives you both, and it’s hard to find a solution that has that currently in the market."

Chris Aniszczyk

CTO and co-founder, CNCF

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