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Use AI Coding Tools with Confidence

Understand and reduce the potential risks that can come from using generative AI tools in software development.

Generative AI tools like GitHub Copilot have become increasingly popular among software developers, and for good reason. These tools can significantly improve productivity and even strengthen developer satisfaction. But for all of their benefits, AI coding tools pose potential risks, too. There are concerns related to open source license compliance, security, code maintainability, privacy, and more.

FOSSA helps organizations tag AI-produced code, identify AI tool-assisted snippets, and manage AI coding tool-related license compliance and security concerns — mission-critical elements of an effective risk-management strategy.

Detect Snippets and Their Associated Metadata

Maintain an accurate component inventory, and get visibility into potential license compliance and security risks from AI-assisted code.

  • Identify code snippets and match them to full open source libraries
  • Get visibility into the open source licenses that govern your code snippets and ensure compliance with licensing requirements
  • Surface and remediate vulnerabilities associated with code snippets

Tag and Manage AI-Authored Code

Track where you’ve included AI tool-assisted code in your applications. Stay prepared for regulatory and/or policy changes that may require you to rip and replace ML-assisted portions.

  • Easily tag tool-assisted code
  • Save and triage results to a local folder
  • Search by keyword or regular expressions to find tagged snippets

Additional Risk Management Recommendations

Implement process-based guardrails for an additional layer of protection in areas like open source license compliance, maintainability, and code privacy.

Open Source License Compliance

Enable GitHub Copilot’s “Duplication Detection” filter to avoid using exact matches of existing open source libraries in your code


Closely review comments generated by Copilot (or other AI coding tools) to make sure you understand and agree with them

Code Privacy

Decline to grant GitHub Copilot permission to use your code snippets for product improvements

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