SBOM Starter Kit: Get Your Copy

Best-in-Class SBOM Management

Strengthen software supply chain transparency and security with software bill of materials (SBOM) management from generation to import.

A wide range of leading enterprises use FOSSA to generate and manage SBOMs

FOSSA gives organizations the tools you need to manage every part of the SBOM lifecycle

The modern software supply chain is a mix of in-house code, open source components, and third-party applications. SBOMs have become an integral part of understanding and managing software supply chain risk — and satisfying a range of regulatory compliance requirements and customer requests.


Get an accurate and precise report of all code dependencies up to an unlimited depth; generate an SBOM for any prior version of your software, not just the current one


Import SBOMs to understand and control license and security risks in your third-party software


Choose from multiple formats, including CycloneDX and SPDX. Download and distribute the SBOM yourself, or have FOSSA host it for you


Keep your SBOMs current with FOSSA’s auto-update feature; manage all SBOMs (including ones from third parties) in one place

FOSSA SBOM Features and Capabilities

  • Supports CycloneDX and SPDX; exceeds U.S. government minimum SBOM requirements
  • Utilizes multiple techniques — beyond just analyzing manifest files — to produce an audit-grade component inventory
  • Integrates locally and/or with VCS (GitHub, GitLab, etc.)
  • Has comprehensive language and ecosystem support
  • Can be customized for a range of security, regulatory compliance, and license compliance use cases 
  • Generate SBOMs for any prior version of your software, not just the current one
  • Doesn’t require source code access

Use Cases

FOSSA’s customizability — you can pick and choose everything from format to data fields — coupled with audit-grade accuracy supports multiple important SBOM use cases.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with U.S. federal government guidance requiring manufacturers to produce a machine-readable SBOM with each product. FOSSA supports all required SBOM elements as outlined in the Executive Order on Improving America’s Cybersecurity.

Due Diligence

Simplify pre-IPO, M&A, and fundraising due diligence with audit-grade reports that can be generated in just a few clicks. Avoid surprises with comprehensive, accurate SBOMs and compliance reports that are updated in real-time.

Customer Requests

Easily customize your SBOM to meet a wide range of customer requests. Use FOSSA’s SBOM hosting service for easy customer access, or download and distribute a copy yourself.

Software Supply Chain Security

Stay on top of and address vulnerabilities impacting your applications. Import and analyze third-party SBOMs to understand and manage supply chain risk.

Open Source License Compliance

Detect and inventory the open source licenses in your application. Fulfill attribution notice requirements with FOSSA’s compliance reports.

“(FOSSA’s) SBOM support was among the most mature of vendors in this Forrester Wave.”

Rob Mason | SVP Engineering at Applause
Umut Koseali | Head of Engineering at Moonfare