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Shift Left your Risk Mitigation

Improve DevOps efficiency and minimize disruption. Continuously monitor and mitigate open source risk.

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Building with open source components introduces some inherent compliance and security risk. The later in the SDLC issues are discovered and resolved, the greater the likelihood of disruption to DevOps processes. Problematic dependencies become more deeply rooted and expensive to resolve as they reach deployment. So shifting left to reduce the possibility of hazard also ensures developer velocity so that innovation goes uninterrupted.

FOSSA’s risk mitigation solution gives you the most complete and accurate visibility into the compliance and security of your open source components and enables you to enforce policies and apply remediation early and often. FOSSA not only minimizes risk as part of your existing CI/CD processes, but also breaks the silos between engineering, legal, and security workflows to improve continuity and minimize disturbances.

Improve security posture

Accelerate developer velocity

Understand compliance and security risks

Avoid reputational risk

False-positive vulnerability issues reduced by a reported 47% compared to competitor tooling

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