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The Most Advanced Open Source Management Platform

Fast and Accurate
Open Source Risk Detection

FOSSA delivers actionable insights to address open-source risk without slowing development cycles

Deep code scanning

Precise Risk Detection

FOSSA’s sophisticated algorithms are designed to precisely identify and map direct and indirect dependencies from an unlimited depth. From Java to C++ to Go to Python, we comprehensively scan a broad language ecosystem for accurate open source risk detection.

Curated knowledge base of open source components and vulnerabilities powers FOSSA’s accurate and noise-free detection of license and security issues

Correctly identifies declared and embedded licenses hidden inside deep dependencies and pulled directly from code

Proactively notifies you of supply chain risks in your packages including stale Packages, abandonware, empty Package, and native binary detection

Automated Policy Enforcement

Robust Policy Engine

Our robust policy engine offers teams unparalleled flexibility and control to create policies for license compliance and vulnerability detection. Our policy management lets teams enforce these policies at scale, enabling them to automate their risk management processes.

Creation, management, and enforcement of granular policies for software deployment via customizable rules

Whitelisting, blacklisting, and filtering of vulnerabilities for CVE and CWE management

Fine-grained control of access privileges with enterprise-grade role-based access control


Timely and Actionable Intelligence

Actionable intelligence, including details of dependency versions and paths and code browsing embedded inline, help developers triage and remediate issues fast. We continuously monitor and send proactive notifications when new vulnerabilities are identified.

Out-of-the-box integrations into developer and devops workflows including CI/CD pipelines and collaboration tools like email, Jira, and Slack

Automatically export and sync with JIRA/issue trackers with full audit logs as issues progress and are resolved

Scan source code of dependencies and report on licenses and copyright headers found. Bulk Remediation, track notes, add licenses and persist/rollback fixes within issue UI.

Enterprise-Grade Solutions