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Brand Guidelines

High-level guidelines and assets to help you bring our brand to life


The FOSSA logo is the tangible symbol of our brand, and our most valuable corporate assets. This is part of our core brand identity, and we can find it in every touchpoint that users have with FOSSA (website, product, ads, social media, trade shows, etc).

Whenever possible, the FOSSA logo should be green (but we support some neutral options as well, depending on the background that you use).

Please do not edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the FOSSA logo.

Fossa Logo
Fossa Logo
Fossa Logo
Fossa Logo
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Safe Zone and Minimum Clear Space

The logo's safe zone is equivalent to the height of the "O" on all sides.

The FOSSA logo should always be clearly visible. Keep the logo separated from other visual elements by a distance equal to its height. This distance is considered the minimum uninterrupted space surrounding the logo, and it should be adhered to in most situations.


Primary Colors

Our primary color palette includes neutrals, whites and green. When combined in logical ways, these guide the eye and highlight important information or actions.

We use FOSSA Green for primary actions, buttons and text links. Neutral colors are primarily used for both, text and backgrounds (ptss... you can mix them to create depth and bring a top notch quality to designs).

Green 100
Green 005
Green 080
Gray 100
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Secondary Colors

Our secondary palette includes a variety of colors to expand the boundaries of the FOSSA Brand. You might find these in non-institutional pages, and in the product as well, to indicate actions (such as status, help, errors, and more).

Each color is selected intentionally to provide meaningful feedback. When used in conjunction with our primary palette, these colors make every moment feel on-brand and every interaction informative.

We also create pretty cool gradients with them to spice things up.

Cyan 100
Blue 100
Purple 100
Pink 100
Red 100
Orange 100
Yellow 100
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Typography is our visual voice, and it speaks to the variety of our audience. FOSSA uses the Open Sauce Two and the iA Writer Quattro S font families across its website, products, and more.

Open Sauce Two is designed and developed by Creative Sauce to be used as the agency’s in-house corporate typeface. It is a compact typeface that is optimised for better viewing small text on screen and print.

iA Writer Quattro S is an open source font family created by iA Inc. for their application, iA Writer. Built based on IBM Plex font family, Quattro shares similarities with a proportional typeface. At the same time, it retains a lot of the technical virtues of the classic typewriter fonts using wider gaps between the words and giving each letter more room than a classic, fully proportional face.


Icons are part of our language as well, bringing visual elements to better communication. FOSSA uses Font Awesome as its iconography source.

Font Awesome Free is free, open source, and GPL friendly. You can use it for commercial projects, open source projects, or really almost whatever you want. Full Font Awesome Free license: