At FOSSA we believe that leveraging open source responsibly and effectively is key to making any company with software successful. Our goal is to help companies create manageable and scalable processes for both leveraging and contributing to open source projects like the ones hosted and nurtured by the CNCF.

The role of open source software is continuously shifting. The exponential increase in both adoption and number of packages available is fundamentally changing the way software development is accomplished, improving the velocity, quality, and security of products. The CNCF helps to ensure that key open source projects continue to evolve - supporting many innovations throughout the world. In fact, FOSSA’s core infrastructure runs on several CNCF backed projects like Kubernetes, Flannel, and Prometheus.

In order to support a wide scale of customers FOSSA has also taken the approach to open source a component of our project, our CLI. This allows any company using open source to take advantage of FOSSAs automated workflows.

We believe that open source will continue to be pushing the future of software forward. That’s why we are a proud member of the open source community and excited to join the CNCF.