We’re kicking off the summer with new report types, new integration support, and some major enhancements to our project page.

Introducing Haskell Language Support

We are especially excited to introduce Haskell as one of our supported languages. We're big fans of Haskell's productivity and correctness guarantees, and we aren’t the only ones who love it. Haskell has been gaining traction across a wide variety of awesome open source projects like Pandoc, Semantic, PostgREST, Hasura, and Shellcheck and has been adopted for projects at companies like Facebook and GitHub. To implement FOSSA on your Haskell projects, check out our docs here.

Plain Text Reporting

Easily add FOSSA’s attribution reports to your existing reporting infrastructure with Plain Text Reports. In addition to supporting HTML, Markdown, PDF, and CSVs, FOSSA has added plain text reporting support. If you need a different report format to support your reporting let us know!

FOSSA Plain Text Reporting

Project UI Usability Improvements

We’ve added several new updates to improve navigating your company’s projects including enhancing our search functionality, adding the ability to sort by title, status, and stats, adding the ability to open a project in a new tab (right click), and maintaining your project page controls as you navigate through the app. Check it out!

FOSSA UI Usability Improvements

Scanning and Project Configurations

We’ve added the ability to scan arbitrary files/folders for license text. You can now upload files and scan for open source licenses.

We’ve also simplified the scan configurations, making it easier to get started or add FOSSA to more projects.

Importing Projects Into FOSSA

Have any feedback or want to see anything else in FOSSA? Let us know!