It's been a while since our last update, but FOSSA's been hard at work building the best open source management tool for your team.  This large update is the culmination of various improvements we've made over the past few months.

What's New in 0.8.0

  • Overhauled project view, on-boarding flow & documentation
  • New integrations with VSTS and Maven
  • Improved account organization tools
  • fossa-cli language support and reliability
  • Vulnerability scanning in beta

Project & onboarding overhaul

To start, we've streamlined our new user signup and onboarding flow.  Now, creating an account and importing projects should be significantly easier:

From initial testing, we've seen our rate of onboarding success double and improve even further with the changes we're releasing today.

Once you've uploaded a project for analysis, there should be an entirely new experience to guide you as you wait for and then explore your results:

Finally, we've done an overhaul of our docs website to improve both the content and look/feel.  You can check out our new Getting Started and User Guides here.

New integrations

In the past quarter, we've helped hundreds of companies roll FOSSA out.  For some of the larger-scale deployments, we've introduced a few new plugins to make this roll-out easier:

Better organization tools for managing teams

Earlier this year, we introduced tags and teams to help our enterprise users organize large FOSSA deployments.  We noticed that often these features were used in the same way, so with this update we've combined tags and teams.

For existing users, all tags have been migrated to a new "team" in your organization which you should have membership to.  In order to navigate your account, we've added a handy "team switcher" to the top of the projects page:

For our enterprise customers, you can now hook FOSSA up to your SSO / roles provider to automatically provision teams, grant access and organize your account simply by having users enroll themselves through SSO.

Finally, when you invite a teammate, there is a new experience to help them get started:

Improved language support through fossa-cli

If you've been using FOSSA for a while, you may have heard of our build plugin, fossa-cli as a way of integrating your code.  Our plugin has now reached another level of maturity and if you are a current user, our primary recommendation is to integrate ALL NEW codebases with fossa-cli.

If you're already using fossa-cli, run fossa upgrade to get the latest version (0.8.0).

We've made significant improvements to error messages, reliability and default behaviors.  It should be much easier to roll out a fossa-cli integration across all your repos and CI/CD pipelines.

Vulnerability scanning in Beta

FOSSA finally supports scanning for open source vulnerabilities both in our Cloud version and On-Prem.  Check out our product page to learn more and book a demo if you're interested in trying it out: