Eliminate Manual Open Source Fire Drills

Adding compliance to your workflow doesn't have to involve layers of slow, manual review. FOSSA gives you an automated process you can trust, running smoothly in the background.

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Today's painstaking manual workflow...


Painstakingly collect data and assemble attribution files every release

Wait on legal review & approvals for the release to go through

Repeat manual work and processes for each subsequent release


Seek approval to use open source, slowing down development

Manually track and maintain excel spreadsheets of libraries and license approvals

Waste time re-implementing open source libraries with issues caught at release time

...now handled by FOSSA!


Disclosures, attribution & compliance status always available within one click.


Ship anytime with a clean bill of health. Easily track changes across releases.


Freely use libraries, letting your tools catch issues before integration.

"We did a full review of everything out there... FOSSA was the only complete solution."

- Faryar Ghazanfari, Intellectual Property Counsel @ Solarcity

Easy to adopt, use and scale

Deploy a complete solution across teamswithout fighting the organization

Default policies

Drafted and reviewed by world-class attorneys, get compliance running right away with up to $50,000 of legal work baked-in.

Realtime impact

Instantly integrate checks running through the earliest stages of code integration. Proactively catch issues and stay compliant; meaning no expensive rework.

Full analysis, on-prem

More than a script to check package files, FOSSA runs full code scans and analysis to catch 1000x more detail. Run it all online or behind your firewall.

Confidence across releases

Release confidently at anytime from a central hub that remembers all your work. Each release gets easier to make, manage and compare with FOSSA.

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FOSSA's basic tier is free; you can get started today with no committment.

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