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Modernize Your Open Source Audits: 5 Reasons Spreadsheets Fail for Managing OSS Licenses

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As the use of open-source grows and deployment timelines shrink, management of open source is a growing concern that many organizations are struggling with handling effectively.

Most organizations start off managing all of their open-source dependencies in a spreadsheet. This is a process that generally involves someone from legal, engineering, product, or security tracking down the correct engineers to fill out a form that lists every open-source component used to help build a product. Then, legal and security review the dependencies against license policy and security vulnerability databases to ensure the software is compliant and secure. Finally, these reports are finalized and shared with auditors for IPO, M&A — or reports are shared with customers and partners that require compliance.

5 Reasons Why Using Spreadsheets for Open Source Management is a Recipe for Disaster discusses:

  • The process for managing open source software licenses with spreadsheets
  • Trends in open source vs. proprietary software usage
  • The 5 most common open source management "fails"
  • Enterprise and industry trends in open source adoption
  • Steps to take to move off of managing open source in spreadsheets

Up to 90% of any piece of software is from open source, creating countless dependencies and areas of risk to manage. FOSSA is the most reliable automated policy engine for security management, license compliance, and code quality across the open source stack.

With FOSSA, engineering, security, and legal teams all get complete and continuous risk mitigation for the entire software supply chain, integrated into each of their existing workflows.

FOSSA enables organizations like Slack, Snapchat, Okta, Puppet, Epic Games, and UiPath to manage their open source at scale and drive continuous innovation.