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FOSSA vs. WhiteSource

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When evaluating open source management and software composition analysis software it is important to evaluate the completeness of open-source inventory, integration with your developer ecosystem, integration into your workflows, and supported end-to-end experience.

Open Source Management: FOSSA vs. WhiteSource compares:

  • Shifting Open Source Management left
  • Depth of visibility into your Open Source code
  • Acceptance criteria for improved code quality and decreased risk
  • Improvements in time to release through issue resolution
  • Comparison of languages and package managers supported by FOSSA vs. WhiteSource
  • Side-by-side view into value-adds and feature sets of both the FOSSA Open Source Management platform and WhiteSource. Software composition analysis for Open Source Software.

FOSSA is a leading application security and compliance platform that specializes in helping engineering teams deliver trusted software.

FOSSA enables companies to prioritize real vulnerabilities in their open source software with comprehensive SCA (software composition analysis) capabilities, while also making it possible for organizations to automate compliance reporting and SBOM (software bill of materials) lifecycle management to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Founded in 2015, FOSSA is trusted by thousands of global organizations, has been downloaded nearly two million times, and has conducted nearly 100 million scans of open-source software.