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7 Steps for IPO Due Diligence and Open Source Compliance: From Mutual NDAs to the IPO Roadshow

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In order to remove any friction from an IPO, every soon-to-be-public company must be prepared to do a thorough and speedy audit and deliver comprehensive reports and documentation on their open source license compliance and vulnerability remediation.

So we’ve put together seven straightforward steps to follow for IPO due diligence. By focusing on the full lifecycle of the software and the sync up between the company, investors, and customers — from confidentiality to roadshow — these seven steps not only help unblock any upcoming IPO but also remove friction and risk from downstream activity.

7 Steps for IPO Due Diligence and Open Source Compliance covers:

  • A step-by-step guide to avoiding OSS license conflicts when preparing an IPO
  • How to avoid compliance issues that could slow down IPO readiness
  • Research on the state of open source and initial public offerings
  • Automation solutions to the challenge of manual audits

Up to 90% of any piece of software is from open source, creating countless dependencies and areas of risk to manage. FOSSA is the most reliable automated policy engine for security management, license compliance, and code quality across the open source stack.

With FOSSA, engineering, security, and legal teams all get complete and continuous risk mitigation for the entire software supply chain, integrated into each of their existing workflows.

FOSSA enables organizations like Slack, Snapchat, Okta, Puppet, Epic Games, and UiPath to manage their open source at scale and drive continuous innovation.

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