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Simplify SBOM Generation with FOSSA

Easily create a software bill of materials that can be customized for any need: pre-IPO or M&A due diligence, customer requests, government regulations, and more.

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FOSSA’s SBOM Solution:

Supports multiple reporting formats, including SPDX — an approved delivery format in the U.S. government’s recent cybersecurity executive order

Delivers maximum flexibility: Pick and choose data fields to include in your SBOM from a comprehensive list

Integrates directly into development pipelines, which allows for self-updating attributions with every code change

Offers multiple delivery options: Download and distribute the SBOM yourself, or have FOSSA host it for you


Leading enterprises like Uber, Slack, and Twitter use FOSSA to reduce security, license compliance, and quality risks that come with the use of open source software. In addition to simplifying SBOM generation, FOSSA:

Provides the most comprehensive ecosystem coverage of 20-plus languages, with 100% native SPDX support

Boosts legal and engineering efficiency with automated license compliance and vulnerability management workflows

Integrates into all CI/CD pipelines with an easy-to-use CLI that supports continuous compliance and vulnerability management

Reduces false positives by 85% with concrete usage, linkage, and root cause identification

“(FOSSA’s) SBOM support was among the most mature of vendors in this Forrester Wave.”
“FOSSA allowed us to explain the decisions we made during the compliance process, and we always had an audit trail to refer back to."
Rob Mason | SVP Engineering at Applause
"FOSSA helped us tremendously in managing dependencies and compliance requirements. It is the golden standard for us."
Umut Koseali | Head of Engineering at Moonfare
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