User Management

FOSSA has overhauled user management to make it easier for large organizations to manage their teams.

Introducing LDAP

If your company supports LDAP Authentication, FOSSA can now be configured to use your Directory for user login and provisioning as well as automatically adding users to Teams. For more information, check out our docs here.

Introducing Team Admin Role

FOSSA has a number of different user roles with different permission sets. Most recently FOSSA has created a Team Admin role. Team Admins can change project settings, rebuild projects, resolve/correct licensing information, manage the users on their team, and import new projects that belong to their teams. You can access these roles on the Users Settings page.

Introducing Default Roles

You can now set a default role for anyone joining your FOSSA organization. To set a default role go into the General Organization settings.

FOSSA User Roles

You can check your user role by clicking your profile in the top right hand corner.

FOSSA User Roles

UI Enhancements

Archive Branches

You can now archive branches to better organize your projects. Archiving a branch stops FOSSA scans and removes it from the branches dropdown. You can unarchive a branch if needed.

FOSSA Archive Branches

File Search for License Matches

It is now easier to navigate license matches with a search to identify key files and a wider modal to read the full text.

FOSSA License Matches


JSON Reports

We are excited to release JSON reports via our Dependency Analysis CLI. The command fossa report attribution --json will render results formatted as follows:


Issue Export

You can now export a list of all issues affecting your project or organization to a CSV. Simply go to the issues tab and click Export all to CSV! This contains information like Component, Version, Issue Type, License, and Details.

FOSSA Issue Export

Reporting Guide

If you are looking for resources on building a Bill of Materials or generating attribution notices see our complete guide here.


Introducing Enterprise NPM Support

We now support companies who are using NPM's enterprise offering. In order to configure your NPM registry with FOSSA check out our docs here.