In thinking about a recent DevOps conference, we also wanted to share some new content about DevOps and Open Source which might be of interest to the DevOps audience. Or really, anyone tasked with managing the technologies used to deploy open source code that is compliant and secure while still hitting aggressive deadlines and ambitious business goals … DevOps and Open Source 101: The DevOps Role in Modernizing Open Source Best Practices.

Here’s the TL;DR of the paper for some background:

  • The movement away from the waterfall model of software development to one of agile development and continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment (CI/CD) enable application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably.
  • DevOps combines software development practices and information technology operations to shorten the software development life cycle and aligning development with business objectives. DevOps has become increasingly important as software continues to become significant in every kind of business, even outside of “traditional” software companies.
  • Tasked with automating developer workflow, the DevOps team has a growing amount of responsibilities— especially when it comes to ensuring that the open source software used at a company is secure and compliant.
  • Legacy tools for compliance scanning destroy developer workflow by slowing down or freezing processes and requiring manual audits. By having an issue resolution workflow that can be integrated with CI/CD, you don’t have to stop developers from working or do one-off scans. It allows everything to be continuous and compatible with DevOps best practices such as agile method, CI/CD, automation, and security.

Check out the white paper for additional insights!