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Open Source Management for Enterprise Teams

Scalable, end-to-end management for third-party code, license compliance and vulnerabilities.

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Create a culture of Open Source while mitigating Open Source Risk

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Identify Your Dependencies

Get an accurate view of your open source dependencies in realtime. FOSSA employs multiple methods including Deep Code Scanning and over 30+ build integrations to harvest the highest quality data.

Prioritize Problematic Dependencies

Flag the problematic dependencies with customizable policies that can be applied across your company, products, and teams.

Streamline Remediation

Patch vulnerabilties and fulfill licensing obiligations with built in remediation recommendations and actionable intelligence surrounding flagged dependencies.

Automatically Compile Reports

Generate exhaustive, audit-ready attribution reports, bill of materials, and risk reports in real time with the click of a button.

Integrate with one click

Dozens of language and tooling integrations ready out of the box.

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Gain flexibility and cost savings in large teams


Disclosures, attribution & compliance status always available within one click.


Ship anytime with a clean bill of health. Easily track changes across releases.


Freely use libraries, letting your tools catch issues before integration.

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