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Best-in-Class SBOM Management

Strengthen software supply chain transparency and security with SBOM management from generation to import

The modern software supply chain is a mix of in-house code, open source components, and third-party applications. And, SBOMs have become critical for enterprises looking to understand the composition and provenance of their software. But to have complete visibility into the software supply chain and any license compliance, security, and quality risks, teams also need the ability to manage third-party SBOMs. 

Having the right tooling that can generate, import, and manage SBOMs enables teams to quickly identify and remediate potential security vulnerabilities, fulfill licensing requirements, and apply version control best practices across their entire software supply chain.

Transparency and Trust

Proactive Security Management

Supply Chain Integrity

License Compliance

End-to-End SBOM Management

Create, import, export, and manage SBOMs to surface risk across your software supply chain

“(FOSSA’s) SBOM support was among the most mature of vendors in this Forrester Wave.”
“FOSSA allowed us to explain the decisions we made during the compliance process, and we always had an audit trail to refer back to."
Rob Mason | SVP Engineering at Applause
"FOSSA helped us tremendously in managing dependencies and compliance requirements. It is the golden standard for us."
Umut Koseali | Head of Engineering at Moonfare

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