Modernize Your Open Source Compliance Practices.

End-to-end Open Source compliance automation built for lawyers.

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An Open Source Program in a Box

Automate Painful Workflows

Perform audits without the fire drill and without all the time and effort. FOSSA integrates with your engineers’ development tools to automatically scan your codebase, flag open source issues, and produce key reports with every product release.

Increase Report Accuracy

Reduce the number of false positives flagged. FOSSA integrates with your developer pipeline to give you a precise picture of all of the components used in your codebase. Get exact context about open source issues for a speedy resolution process.

Easy to Use Interface

Generate customized reports formatted with your audit’s requirements in mind. With FOSSA’s user friendly platform it only takes one click to generate customizable reports, attributions, Bill of Materials, and audit results.

Best Practices Built-in

We partner with leading Open Source lawyers and foundations like the Linux Foundation and the TODO group to ensure our product is built help you facilitate Open Source best practices.

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Integrate Compliance Directly With Developer Workflows

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Dozens of language and tooling integrations ready out of the box.

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