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How FOSSA Supports OpenChain Conformance

Build trust with customers and reduce legal exposure related to open source license compliance. Achieve OpenChain Conformance with support from FOSSA, an official OpenChain Tooling Vendor.

Why OpenChain Conformance?

Build trust with buyers

Vendors can cite OpenChain Conformance as evidence of their commitment to OSS license compliance

Reduce legal exposure

Minimize risk of non-compliance with open source licensing requirements

Establish best practices

The OpenChain Specification offers a proven, widely adopted roadmap to successful open source management

OpenChain Conformance with FOSSA

As an official OpenChain Tooling Vendor FOSSA’s open source license compliance tools support organizations that want to become OpenChain Conformant

FOSSA generates verification materials such as a software bill of materials, roles and assignments documentation, open source policy materials, and more

Our technology automates key OSS license processes, enabling easy implementation of your open source policy model — an important part of OpenChain Conformance